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Idol Lash Review

Do you wish you had beautiful eyelashes like celebrities? You don't have to be born with them; most celebrities aren't. Until recently, they used to wear false eyelashes, just like you, to enhance the beauty of their eyes. But the trouble with false eyelashes is that they can be uncomfortable and can lead to complications. They can also come off at the most inappropriate of times and become a source of great embarrassment. These days they use a much better alternative; and it is called Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer.

Does it actually work?

The latest innovation in cosmetics, this amazing product can increase the density of your natural eyelashes by up to 82% in less than a month, according to the manufacturers. They also claim that it can increase the length of the eyelashes by 25% in the same period. Moreover, the product also works on eyebrows. Impressive claims, but are they substantiated by facts? As a matter of fact, that seems to be just the case. These claims were based on the result of a clinical study in which 15 volunteers between the age of 24 and 82 were subjected to the eyelash enhancer for 4 weeks. All the participants were observed to benefit from the eyelash enhancer.

What are the ingredients?

For women who feel that they have less than satisfactory eyelashes, this is simply great news. If you have issues with false eyelashes, then it is even better news. Who doesn't want thick and long eyelashes that are natural? But how does Idol Lash work? What are its secret ingredients? Behind every great innovation, there is a lot of hard work and a knack for knowing how to combine the right ingredients in the right amounts. Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer is no exception. It is made from a balanced mixture of chamomile oil extract, honey extract, keratin and other proteins, cocoyl, kelp extract, polypeptides, moisturizing agents and vitamins. All of these ingredients are natural products.

How does it work?

With such a great combination of ingredients that have scientifically proven track records for hair growth and enhancement, it's not surprising that the eyelash enhancer works so well. It is a perfect example of science meeting art – for beauty is the essence of art. In fact, it works so well that you will have longer, thicker, darker and fuller eyelashes within a month of starting to use it. Still not convinced? Here is how the eyelash enhancer works:

Keratin is the protein that is found in the root of hair. It helps eyelashes grow longer and become thicker.
Proteins and vitamins make help the growth of hair and keep it healthy.
Polypetides add volume, length and thickness to your eyelashes. They also protect from damage and breakage.
Moisturizing agents keep the eyelashes moisturized and prevent breakage.
Chamomile oil and cocoyl protect from damage and give them a beautiful shine.
Honey is rich in vitamins, minerals and antibacterial agents that keep your hair healthy.

How to use it?

Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer is easy to use and doesn't take more than five minutes to apply. This is what makes it so appealing. The manufacturer recommends that you should use it once a day before going to bed for best effect. This is because the proteins, vitamins and other ingredients will have ample time to work on your eyelashes while you are sleeping. Here is the recommended method of applying it.

First, remove your make up with a mild cleaner.
Using the brush that comes with the product, apply it at the base of upper and lower lashes of both eyes.

You can wash it off in the morning and wear your usual makeup. You may even wear your false eyelashes as long as you are not satisfied that your natural ones have grown long and thick enough. But make sure not to use glues and harsh chemicals.

Is it safe to use?

One of the most important questions with every new innovation is whether it is safe to use. Idol Lash Eyelash Enhancer is made of 100% natural ingredients that have long been known to science as safe and beneficial for the hair and skin. No chemicals are added to the product. This makes it totally safe to use. This is proven by the fact that there has not been a single complaint regarding the side effects of the product by users. As it doesn't irritate the eyes and skin, it is the best product for people with sensitive skin and eyes.

What do users have to say about the product?

"I have always had issues with false eyelashes and I was really excited when my friend Lisa told me about Idol Lash. My life has completely changed since then. I no longer have to worry about my eyes. My current boyfriend says that it was my eyes that captured his heart. Thank you Idol Lash." – Amy Russel, New York.

"When my 16 years old niece Sandra told me about Idol Lash, I was at first skeptical because I had tried a few similar products that didn't work. But she insisted and I decided to give it a try. And amazingly, it worked. I knew it when my husband asked me if I had started wearing eyelashes again. I have recommended the product to several friends who have started using it." – Rebecca Baum, Connecticut

"I was always conscious about my eyelashes because they were nothing to look at. And I couldn't always wear false lashes, like when going to the beach, which I am so fond of. So I was really excited when I heard of Idol Lash. I immediately ordered a month's supply and it has worked wonders for me. I longer have to worry about my eyes. In fact, many people have complimented me on my good looks – something that rarely happened in the past. Thank you for giving me my life, Idol Lash." – Becky Shawn, Ohio

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